Chesapeake Commons Case Study

Managing the Chesapeake Bay’s Environmental Data with Rhiza Upshot

Introducing: Chesapeake Commons

Soil erosion snapshot

Launched by the Chesapeake Bay Funders Network, Chesapeake Commons uses Rhiza Upshot to bring meaning to the Chesapeake Bay area’s environmental data.

Chesapeake Commons is a ground breaking website used by watershed groups, environmental organizations, philanthropists, government funders, citizens and local governments to coordinate, monitor and prioritize restoration activities in the Chesapeake Bay.  Powered by Rhiza Upshot, the Chesapeake Commons makes the huge volumes of data about Chesapeake Bay pollution and restoration accessible and locally relevant.

This system provides resources that extend beyond an elegant web interface and cloud-based access to detailed data about the Bay.  With Rhiza Upshot, the Chesapeake Commons allows users to locate and manage public data they need, perform their own geospatial and statistical analysis and create presentations from this information at no cost to them.  Rhiza Upshot’s mobile tools are also used by the Chesapeake Commons for field data collection, making up-to-the-minute data about the Chesapeake Bay available.

Gathering all of the data and statistical analyses about the Chesapeake Bay into one collaborative online space is helping funders, policy makers and advocates work together to pursue the ambitious restoration goals that have been set for the Chesapeake Bay.


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