“The Northeast Division generated $12 million in revenue in 2014 that was directly attributable to the Rhiza tool.”

— Bret Rice, Sr. Divisional Director of Research, Comcast Spotlight






“My team saw a 162% increase in sales our first year on the Rhiza platform.”

— Nikki Wegner, Regional Vice President, Gamut



“With Rhiza we’ll be empowering a lot more people in a lot more divisions and in a lot more countries to get their hands on and to make use of data in a way that makes sense for them day-to-day.”

— David Boyle, EVP of Consumer Insights, BBC Worldwide




cnbc-logo“Heinz and Kraft announced plans to merge… We know now where in the country people are most likely to be customers of both products.”

— Eric Chemi, Sr. Editor-at-Large,
Data Journalism CNBC



Who Uses Rhiza?

Anyone who dreams of truly knowing their customers

Rhiza resolves your data frustrations. Rhiza gives researchers and analysts better control of data and efficient sharing methods at scale. For salespeople and marketers, Rhiza provides direct access to client-ready insights, eliminating the involvement of other internal departments and external agencies.

Your success is in your data.