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Enabling Deep Citizen Participation

While attending the Government 2.0 “unconference”, I was struck by the number of people playing technology buzzword bingo instead of discussing real problems and solutions. This wasn’t surprising, since it’s easy to be drawn to the Cool New Thing™, which for government is social media.

However, all social media is not alike. Usually that label is used to denote user-contributed content and two-way conversations. It’s a reasonable working definition, but in practice social media is usually focused almost exclusively at the creation of what I’ll call “low fidelity” content. That includes tweets, posts, videos, wiki entries, etc.

Don’t get me wrong — these all have value to an organization trying to attract a larger audience. In fact, they’re a great way to get broad audience participation. But, that breadth comes at a price — the participation itself is shallow. BTW, feel free to substitute “constituency” or “customer” for “audience” if that makes more sense to you. (more…)

Rhiza @ Gov 2.0 in DC

Rhiza will be in DC from today, March 25, through Saturday, March 28 to visit our partners in the capital and to attend Government 2.0 Camp, an “unconference about using social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies to create a more effective, efficient and collaborative U.S. government on all levels (local, state, and federal).” We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation began at last month’s Transparency Camp.

Are you attending Gov 2.0 — or just in the DC area — and interested in learning more about Rhiza„ Tweet us @rhiza, or shoot an email to info@rhiza.com.


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