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Rhiza Offers Rugged Android Phones & PDAs

Nomad with Android - Home screen

Rhiza is pleased to announce that we now offer rugged Android phones and PDAs that are customized to work with Rhiza Insight for clients who need a flexible, open and dependable platform for mobile data collection. Built to withstand extreme temperatures and the general beating most mobile computers get when they are used in the field, these waterproof and durable devices are packed with functionality.

For example, the Trimble Nomad’s standard options include an 806 MHz XScale processor, 512 MB to 2 GB of Flash storage, a long-life battery and integrated wireless capabilities like GPS, 802.11b/g, and Bluetooth. Upgrades include GSM (GPRS/EDGE) for data, integrated laser bar code scanner and a 2 megapixel, color, digital camera. The Nomad also features a high-resolution, sunlight-visible, touchscreen VGA display that shows graphics and maps in crisp detail.

BIP-6000 with Android - Home screenThe Bluebird BIP-6000 is an Enterprise PDA which comes standard with a large 3.5″ VGA color LCD, PXA 320, 806MHz processor, 128MB RAM / 256MB RAM/512MB ROM, MicroSD slot (up to 32GB cards), integrated GPS, GSM/GPRS, and 3 megapixel autofocus camera with flash.

We’ve partnered with a great team of engineers at SDG Systems to offer the first rugged Android phones in the marketplace. The Bluebird BIP-6000 will be available in October and the Trimble Nomad will be available in January.

Now customers can collect data in the field and quickly see results online using Rhiza Insight. Managers can wirelessly push new data collection forms to remote teams and watch the data populate maps online with Rhiza Insight as the data is being collected.

We’ll get more information about these phones up on our website soon, but until then, give us a call at 412 488-0600 for more information.

Rhiza Labs and the Surui Carbon Project

The San Francisco Chronicle published a great article highlighting the excellent work that the Surui Tribe, Google and the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) have been doing together for years . The project is being promoted as a model for ecological and cultural preservation around the world. Rhett Butler wrote another informative article published in Washington Monthly magazine that gives a bit more context about the history of the Surui and specifically the potential for their forest to be entered into the global carbon trading market.

Rhiza Labs was recently invited to join this partnership by Google and the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), funded by the Moore Foundation. For this project, our Rhiza Insight platform is being used to aggregate the data collected by the Surui using the open-source Open Data Kit application on Android-powered cell phones. Once the data is collected on the Rhiza Insight-powered website, the Surui are able to create their own maps to share with the world by publishing them to Google Earth.

Rhiza’s Jeff Christensen and ACT’s Vasco van Roosmalen train Chief Almir of the Surui Tribe on how to use Rhiza Insight to publish a map to Google Earth

We will be posting more detailed information about the project soon, but we at Rhiza are really honored to be a part of such an important ecological and cultural preservation effort.

Watch Swine Flu Spread Throughout the U.S. With FluTracker

This movie shows the spread of swine flu county by county throughout the U.S., from April 29 to June 4, 2009. Each county is shaded to reflect the total number of confirmed flu cases up until that day. Purple signifies between 1 and 5 cases; green between 6 and 15, yellow between 16 and 40, and red above 40.

These maps were created using FluTracker, the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for tracking swine flu worldwide. FluTracker, powered by Rhiza Insight, has been acknowledged as tracking cases 5 days ahead of the CDC.

Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits are all using FluTracker to support their organizational preparedness. Learn more about using FluTracker to help your organization plan for continuity and protect its assets.

Learn More About FluTracker at URISA’s Public Health Conference in RI

09gis_public_logocompressedJoin Rhiza Labs at the URISA GIS in Public Health Conference for a discussion of how Information Commons principles are helping public health administrators to make better decisions, faster, with more information. Rhiza’s Chief Product Officer Jeff Christensen will give two presentations:

  • “Creating Incentives and Pathways for Sharing Public GIS Data,” June 6, 10:30 AM – 12 noon at the Web Delivery of Health Data breakout session.
  • “Building a Comprehensive Pandemic Tracking System in Less Than 48 Hours,” June 6, 1:30 – 3 PM in the Pandemic/Avian Flu breakout session.

If you’re interested in meeting up, tweet @rhizajeff for a personalized demonstration.

Rhiza @ GeoTec Event in Vancouver, BC

Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer will present on two panels at this week’s GeoTec Event — the largest and longest-running meeting of Canadian geospatial professionals — in Vancouver, BC.

  • “Bridging Public Participation With Geospatial Science,” Tuesday, 3:30 PM, Room 112
  • “Increasing Efficiencies in Challenging Economic Times,” Wednesday, 8:30 AM, Ballroom B

Interested in meeting with us„ Drop us a line at info@rhiza.com, or tweet @rhiza. For more information on the GeoTec Event, see the event’s program.

Directions Magazine blogs about FluTracker

“If you head to Rhiza’s FluTracker website (I noted the company when it launched its Insight product at Where 2.0 last year) you’ll see a different map using Dr. Niman’s data. Rhiza is periodically downloading the data Dr. Niman and team are collecting and putting them into the Insight system…”

–Adena Schutzberg, All Points Blog @ Directions

Tracking the Global H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic

Download this press release as a PDF.

Pittsburgh, PA Rhiza Labs and leading bioresearch firm Recombinomics have partnered to track the spread of the global flu pandemic with FluTracker.

The data behind FluTracker is being compiled by Recombinomics founder Dr. Henry Niman, who is acknowledged as having organized the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for tracking suspected and confirmed cases of H1N1 flu on the web. Dr. Niman, who earned his Ph.D at the University of Southern California, has worked with the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, the University of Pittsburgh, and Harvard Medical School.

flumapPowered by Insight, Rhiza’s collaborative web GIS tool, FluTracker enables health officials and the general public to input new information, using simple online tools. The result is faster access to the most up to date information about the status and progression of swine flu outbreaks worldwide. While several static maps showing various stages of the pandemic are available on the Web, only FluTracker gives users the ability to: (more…)

Rhiza Labs Announces Deeply Discounted Pricing for Online GIS Mapping Tools

PITTSBURGH, PA – In an effort to help non-profits, government agencies and businesses facing tight budgets to make the most efficient use of their resources, social venture Rhiza Labs is launching an entry-level offering of Rhiza Insight, its acclaimed web-based GIS application, for a lower monthly price. “In a recession, it is especially important for mission-driven organizations to do as much they can with as few resources as possible,” remarks Josh Knauer, CEO of Rhiza Labs. “With Rhiza Insight’s online mapping and data-sharing tools, organizations can actually save money by increasing the number of staff who can perform the types of GIS analysis usually reserved for experts.”

Insight is “GIS for the rest of us,” and makes it simple for anyone to quickly create rich maps they can share with others through e-mail, RSS, Google Earth, blogs and more. With custom Insight websites, it is easier than ever for counties, municipalities, economic development organizations, human services groups, planning agencies and other organizations to visualize, analyze and share geographic data online.

TUgis 2009: Knauer to Present Incentives for Sharing GIS Data

Join Rhiza CEO Josh Knauer at TUgis 2009, Maryland’s premiere GIS conference, to learn more about creating incentives and pathways for sharing public GIS data. Josh’s presentation will focus on the lessons learned from Rhiza’s collaboration with the public and nonprofit sectors to implement public geospatial data sharing through Insight, Rhiza’s collaborative web-based GIS platform.

Josh will present during the first breakout session at 10:45 AM on March 16. The theme for TUgis 2009 is “Web GIS: New Tools for Data Sharing and Collaboration,” so Rhiza will be in good company. TUgis will be held on the campus of Towson University in Towson, Maryland (near Baltimore and Washington, DC) on March 16 and 17.


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